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It turns out that some days ago I was watching TV, which is kind of strange. Which program? News. Which section? International politics. Which topic? Obama’s acceptance for president of United States.

As international politics is one of my favourites sections, I paid attention and listened carefully. However, there is a “problem” when I focus too much on something: I usually can’t avoid to relate the thing I am focusing on with another different thing. I guess it is how my brain works better, by making associations, specially implausible ones.

Unfortunately, it was not shown much about Obama’s speech. Then they briefly showed McCain’s short speech and the introduction of his vice president partner. After that some comments by the international politics analyzer on the news channel. That was enough. Enough to make that plausible relation. That relation that seemed to have been hiding there, growing in this grey field in solitude, finally become noticeable. Both speeches triggered memories from other speeches, but those memories didn’t seem to be real.

In that moment I was stuck in a sort of paradox. Surely one of the most passionate moments of having this kind of thinking. Thoughts were tangled up, definitely. I breathed deeply. Finally, in a blink of an eye, those “virtual thoughts” untangled and linked with the reality. I was in the presence of a Hollywood production. That is when all started to have sense.

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