Turn off tha Radio

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Despite the arrival of new technologies in the last decades, television is still the first broadcasting media by popular choice. However, some of us are now able to decide which contents we choose.

I’m one of those who day-by-day are watching TV less and less and are getting used to other media like, for example, Internet. The differences between these two are common knowledge, but there’s one of them which stands out from the others: the capability of choice.

That doesn’t mean that manipulation and control over people are excluded, but at least your information limits spread wide, compared to what television gives you.

In short, I’m sure that I could live without ‘tele’ for a week, or even more, just because I can find the same contents in other places and, as I said, no one guides you there or tries to convince you to watch what they want to sell you.

DoKiÈh – 14.10.08