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I guess I will make use of the original meaning of the word blog. Hope you don’t mind.

April 4th, 2002. I remember reading in the newspaper that Riquelme’s brother had been kidnapped. Riquelme is a football player, he is the leader midfilder of Boca Juniors and Argentina National Team. He is a star and idol for many people while a villain to others. He even resigned once to his position in Argentina National Team due to critics.

Carlos Bianchi was his coach while he was in Boca for several years, they won a few tournaments together. Carlos is a succesful coach, at least in Argentina is regarded as one, as he was able to be world champion a few times with different teams, as well as American and Argentinian champion. When talking about his personality he is rather reserved, at the extent of being considered arrogant, living in a bad mood and pedantic.

When Riquelme’s brother was kidnapped there was a TV news program here called “DH, Después de Hora” (also its presenter and owner of the show initials, Daniel Hadad). The program was known for having controversial people who got their information from “not official” sources. As Riquelme’s brother was being captive, his kidnappers negotiated with Riquelme’s family the reward for his release. Many of this communications were broadcasted in the show as Hadad “was able to get them”, nobody knows how (well we imagine). In one of this communications Bianchi called Riquelme, he was not coaching him anymore.

The conversation as I remember it (I wasn’t able to find it to post it, I hardly think it can be found as it is legal evidence) was very normal, of course Riquelme was nervous and anxious. Bianchi handled the conversation perfectly. He asked Riquelme how he was doing a few times, as any friend would ask in a daily conversation. Riquelme with the typical respect he said that everything was alright, thanks for calling me Carlos, among other things. Carlos told him that if he needed something he only should ask for it, that if any single thing was needed he should require it. That was all. He never mentioned something about his brother. He just offered his help unconditionally. Obviously my impression about Bianchi changed completely after that. I was even able to understand why he acted in that way many times and I wanted him to be the coach of Argentina National team.

A few days ago I chatted with a good friend who I can’t see so often now due to life. I asked him how was he doing. He replied with a not very good since my mother died (that was more than a month ago). I became petrified. He only lived with his mother, now he was all alone. I was very sorry to hear that, I told him that and offered my help and “ears” to him, for whatever and whenever he needs it.

We got together with some other friends as well. We tried to meet for the end of the year, as it is something usual between us here. We had a nice meeting. One of them didn’t know what happened, though she is another close one to the small group. A few days later she wrote me and told me to join again because she felt he was doing not very good, that he was sad and completely alone. The 3 of us gathered in the park. Talked about many things related to all of us and our families, about our destinies in holidays, happy and sad things. As we let him know we are there for him, he was able to unburden himself and find some relief, at least for a while.

As long as someone needs me or us I am sure all of us will be there. At least… I hope so.

Merry Christmas.
Feliz Navidad.

El Eternauta – 22.12.2008

PS: Dokieh and El Eternauta wish you all (?) Merry Christmas.