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Hollywood speaks: Obama’s and McCain’s script writers

Posted on: September 7, 2008

It turns out that some days ago I was watching TV, which is kind of strange. Which program? News. Which section? International politics. Which topic? Obama’s acceptance for president of United States.

As international politics is one of my favourites sections, I paid attention and listened carefully. However, there is a “problem” when I focus too much on something: I usually can’t avoid to relate the thing I am focusing on with another different thing. I guess it is how my brain works better, by making associations, specially implausible ones.

Unfortunately, it was not shown much about Obama’s speech. Then they briefly showed McCain’s short speech and the introduction of his vice president partner. After that some comments by the international politics analyzer on the news channel. That was enough. Enough to make that plausible relation. That relation that seemed to have been hiding there, growing in this grey field in solitude, finally become noticeable. Both speeches triggered memories from other speeches, but those memories didn’t seem to be real.

In that moment I was stuck in a sort of paradox. Surely one of the most passionate moments of having this kind of thinking. Thoughts were tangled up, definitely. I breathed deeply. Finally, in a blink of an eye, those “virtual thoughts” untangled and linked with the reality. I was in the presence of a Hollywood production. That is when all started to have sense.

I decided to wait a few days while I refined the ideas on my head. Days passed, I got ill. Tonight I read about McCain acceptance. I searched for it and watched. Not much to add to my conclusions. I know that my conclusions can be somehow disturbing, even annoying. Of course you must know that is just one interpretation based on something fictional, so it shouldn’t be taken seriously. Moreover, I don’t care to discuss the content of their speeches related to their proposals, so I won’t go deep there.

They need something “touching” to gain votes. One of the basis of my theory is that they can achieve that by applying a tested formula that has already proved to be efficient. The formula is simple, choose one speech from a Hollywood film that was successful, modify it according to the current circumstances, personalise and give it your touch.

When I saw Obama standing there speaking my mind heard Morpheus talking to Zion before the machine’s invasion. He certainly spoke very well, as an expert in oratory. He addressed clearly, covered the points he wanted, he transmitted confidence to the listeners, he did what all expert salesmen do: sold them perfectly what they wanted to buy. Some magic solutions like energy efficient use or new alternative energies; of course all of them produced in United States so they would end their dependency from the East (known as conquering). He promised to finish war in Irak. He was talking to a huge crowd, exactly as Morpheus to the people of Zion before their war against the machines. That people claimed to know what was happening, they were afraid. They knew that some army was being moved, that an evacuation was coming soon. So the counsel allowed him to speak, they knew that he was the best man in that situation. One that believes in prophecies, almost in miracles, that could save them. So he was in charge to transmit this people some hope, though they knew that only a miracle could make them win the war.

It is also funny to see how other conclusions can be taken from here. They are “humanity” fighting against the machines (in the beginning slaves). They have the chosen one in their rows. Also, they are relegated to live in the last corner of the planet, together with an interesting view of a polluted planet.

On the other hand, we have McCain’s speeches, the one where he introduced his vice president and the acceptance one. Both of them mixed to bring memories of Chancellor Palpatine (also known as Darth Sidious) when addressing to the senate, announcing the creation of the galactic empire. He talked from an invisible pedestal, in a tone of superiority, viewing everybody else with arrogance. He was proud to announce Sarah Palin as his partner for presidency. The woman who wants citizens to carry their weapons (who knows with what intention?), who is proud that his son is going to war and the average mom that takes her sons to a hockey game (a.k.a. “Vale-tudo fight ground”). So if this will be McCain’s right hand the natural analogy and place for her is to be Anakin in his most twisted moments. Like when he cleans up his master false promises to the trade federation commerce, by killing the ones that wanted peace. This doesn’t mean she is deep down a good person.

McCain has already fought a war. He is a veteran, an old soldier that knows how things work to create more evil. Unfortunately, he is trying to leave all his teachings (bad ones) to their pupils (apprentice). There is some funny thing, the name of his party, Republicans, doesn’t match at all with the Republic defended by the Jedi Order, instead he truly represents the “Empire”. As he said, he will fight against their enemies, he won’t give up, he will write history. It’s interesting to see how they create enemies, by conquering, to keep writing history… the darkest pages since humankind has appeared on Earth.

El Eternauta – 06.09.2008


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